Apen FLAC Ripper

Apen FLAC Ripper 1.05

An efficient and fast tool to go from FLAC to MP3 in one single process
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Apen FLAC Ripper allows you to go from FLAC to MP3 in one single process. This will allow you to enjoy your back-up FLAC files in your favourite MP3 player without using different applications to decode and re-encode your audio files. It supports CUE sheets for perfect track cutting of image files. The MP3 output is fully customizable, allowing for both constant and variable bit rates.
This tool will save you the time and the hassle of going through the different encoding/decoding processes needed to convert FLAC files into MP3 audio. Though FLAC is considered to be the best lossless compression format available – which makes it the perfect codec for backing-up and archiving full audio collections – not many players support it. Apen FLAC Ripper can take this bulky FLAC files and compress them into small MP3s that you can enjoy in your favourite mobile player – all with one single click. Just load the corresponding CUE file, and Apen FLAC Ripper will show you all the tracks in the album. Select those you want to covert, your preferred MP3 settings, and the program will do the rest. You can customize the sampling rate, the bit rate, and the number of channels used.
This application also allows you to split your FLAC files manually, so that you can select a fragment of a larger FLAC file by specifying the starting and ending times. Apen FLAC Ripper will automatically convert it into MP3 using your favourite settings.

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